AK&K use a list of unique products. Some are new, some are upcoming and some are homebrewed. We will take you through the list.

Arthramid Vet

Imported from Scandinavia, this is an emerging new product for managing equine osteo-arthritis. Through our connections we have Arthramid available for our clients.  The background of this product comes from a desire to provide a more longterm beneficial treatment for joint- and cartilage disease. This is such a common problem in performance horses today!

The product is used in the joint space so it needs to be carefully administrated into the joint after thorough preparation of the skin. After the injection it will take a number of weeks to work optimally but has shown to be effective for up to 24 months. The substance will form a cushion-like layer on the cartilage and will over time integrate into the cartilage structure. We are very excited with our results so far, as are our clients. A scientific background article is provided in our reading list.

AK&K Greasy Heel Ointment

This is a homebrew, after years of try-outs and experimenting we think we have made the best recipe for greasy heel. We sell the ointment with a protocol so you get the best results quicker. One of our recent cases was a severely crusty white leg that looked nearly brand new in 48 hours. Try it for yourself if you are over picking of scabs.


This product is a yeast derived supplement that was originally discovered and used by the Swiss army. It was called Biostrath then. Later on, the equine variant was developed. In the production process the yeast produces important nutrients and vitamins. Because the production line doesn't involve high temperatures all the ingredients stay intact. Equistrath is used in horses that have lost their appetite due to exercise induced stress or other medical and surgical conditions. It is given orally at a dose of 40-60 ml a day. Many horses that were spelling at Wyndholm Park have been helped dramatically to regain their appetite and condition. Results are to be seen on the Wyndholm Park website.


S170 is a herbal preparation discovered by Kim, for horses with anxiety problems. It is given over the tongue 10 minutes prior to the event. Examples of use are before weaning for the mare and the foal, loading horses into barriers or floats etc.